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Presidents' Project

As we planned for this coming year, we kept reflecting back to what quilting was like 40 years ago. What had changed over the past 40 years for MPQ. As I thought about the 80’s I remembered Marty McFly! Aka Michael J Fox - Back to the Future!

That is your project!

Start by reflecting on the past 40 years of quilting. Take yourself back in time. Look at what has changed  - this is how you go back to the future.

Look at pattern, colours, fabrics, prints etc. This is your staring point for inspiration:

  • Maybe its about taking a pattern from 40 years ago and doing it up again in modern fabrics, colours tones.
  • Maybe its about a do over - Take the first pattern you ever made and remake it. You likely have better tools, fabric and knowledge.
  • Maybe you have a pattern from 40 years ago that you have on your list to make.
  • How about a Pattern from today making it into something more futuristic – you become the designer!
  • Or a pattern from today and using old techniques to create it – try using shears in place of rotary cutters and hand stitch it.
  • Maybe you want to honor the past and design an anniversary quilt.
  • Its about how you interpret Going Back to the Future.

Back to the future is full of opportunities

  • No size restrictions, small or large.
  • You can keep or donate.
  • Your opportunity to take a pattern from the past 40 years and modernize it or take a modern pattern and make it look like it’s from 40 years ago.

We are looking for at least 40 people to join us on this project – to celebrate our 40 Years.

Please remember to register on the website so we can count you in!

President Project Quilts will be shown at the February Meetings – so make sure they are Fun Funky and Fabulous!


Monthly Meeting Prize Draws

Draw 2 - February 2023 to June 2023

The Prizes & Promotions Committee will once again be holding draws for fabulous prize baskets at our monthly meetings. For the nominal price of $15, you get a chance at 3 draws per month for 5 months (February 2023 to June 2023 inclusive). Purchases are limited to 1 per person but your single purchase makes you eligible for ALL the above draws.

To make your purchase, just log in and the item will appear just below this post. Draws are made by random selection using a computer generated wheel. To be eligible for draws the purchase must be made prior to midnight on the Monday before the monthly meeting 

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